Well, like everyone else, Rory is laying a bit low these days but, like everybody else, is trying to find ways to keep busy.

He recently began working on a low-tech, no-frills video waling tour of Salem; you can find those videos

Rory also recently started a blog, called The Essex Street Irregulars, a nod to both Essex Street, the main tourist street in town, and also to Sherlock Holmes's network of young "street Arabs" who kept him informed, and came to be called the Baker Street Irregulars.  Blog is updated ... irregularly, and you can find it here.

He was recently interviewed on the "To Salem" podcast, which you can find here.

Here is Rory being interviewed about Gallows Hill by Peter Alachi for "This Salem Life."


Here's another Gallows Hill interview on Quincy Access Television. 


He was also interviewed on the Omnimystery website.


His second novel, entitled Summerland, a historical thriller set in Gilded Age Newport, is still available from Merry Blacksmith Press!  Click on "Buy" to get your copy, and have a look at the great book trailer.   

Summerland got a lovely review from Motif, RI's leading arts paper.  Read the review here!


Check back soon for more news about upcoming signings and suchlike.   

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